Acute Care

Acute Care Services at Deckerville Community Hospital provide for the needs of individuals at various stages of their lives. Deckerville Community Hospital provides a home like atmosphere where employees including nurses, doctors, and office staff along with other department work together as a team to promote a positive and supportive atmosphere for staff and patients alike. Our motto is "We treat you like family."

Being employed in a small rural hospital provides one with the opportunity for growth and professional development. Nursing skills are not limited to one unit as in larger hospitals, but are expanded to other departments as well, giving the employee a broader understanding of patient care and management. Employees are often asked to assist in other departments providing hands on experience which is a valuable asset for those who wish to further their education in the medical field. Deckerville Community Hospital supports and encourages both in facility and out of facility continuing education for advancement of skills, career, and higher degrees. Many of our staff has pursued higher degrees while working at Deckerville Community Hospital, and some have remained employed here in their new positions.

Deckerville Community Hospital offers a team of Doctors, Nurses and Ancillary staff that provide a variety of skilled, safe, and quality care to the community. We continue to move forward with the addition of new technology such as Health Information Systems and Electronic Medical Records.

Deckerville Community Hospital Nurse Management staff is proud to recognize the contributions, commitments, and dedication our staff has shown with their un-waivered support of this hospital.