Billing Information

When you checked in, the Admitting staff should have photocopied your driver’s license and insurance card(s). If there is a question about your insurance coverage, please call 810-376-7013 and speak with our Patient Financial Liaison.

Participating Insurances

In network with most major insurance plans. Call 810.376.7013 if you have any questions.

Financial Assistance

If paying your hospital bill creates a financial hardship, you can apply for financial assistance. Applications are available in the Admitting Office, Physician Office Registration Areas, or the office of the Patient Financial Liaison.

Eligibility for financial assistance is based on multiple factors, including insurance coverage, other sources of payment and income (Federal Poverty Level guidelines used to determine potential financial assistance offered).

Financial assistance is offered to patients who are uninsured, underinsured, as well as experiencing temporary financial hardship. Partial or full financial assistance may be granted based on a patient’s ability to pay the billed charges.

Patients must comply with the application process, as well as completing the application process for all available sources of assistance, including Medicare or Medicaid Assistance.

Financial assistance is generally determined by reviewing the completed application and supporting documentation for the level of monetary need. If you have sufficient insurance coverage or assets available to pay for your care, you may not be eligible for financial assistance.

If you have not completed the Financial Assistance Application, click Financial Assistance Application to print the application form. Please mail or email the completed form to:

Deckerville Community Hospital
Attn: Financial Assistance
3559 Pine St.
Deckerville, MI 48427

Should your situation change and you have trouble paying your bill, please contact us. If payment arrangements are not established, unpaid medical bills may be turned over to a collection agency which could affect your credit status.

This information applies only to your hospital bill and does not include any bills received from anesthesiologists, specialists, ambulance companies, or radiologists. They may bill you separately for their services.

Financial Assistance Policy - Plain Language Summary
Financial Assistance Policy - Complete Policy

Payment Plans checkbook.jpg

Patient account balances are due upon receipt. Patients may elect to make payment arrangements for their hospital bill. A Financial Agreement must be signed before the Business Office can accept payment arrangements that allow patients to pay their hospital bills over time. Deckerville Hospital works with its patients to set a monthly payment amount that you will be able to pay each and every month. We do require an initial payment of 20% of the total balance prior to your set dollar amount. Payments must reach the Hospital Business Office by the due date of every month.

Failure to make consistence monthly payments will result in your account being referred to an outside collection agency. Delinquent accounts referred to outside collection agencies will be assed all charges on accounts, but not limited to, collection costs, attorney’s fees, and court filing fees. The status of the account may be reported to credit bureaus.

It is imperative that you contact the Business Office at 810.376.7013 if you are unable to make a payment that will reach our office by due date so that we can make other arrangements with you.

Michigan Medicaid and Government Program Eligibility

You may be eligible for a government-sponsored health benefit program. Deckerville Hospital has staff available to assist you with applying for government assistance like Medicaid, Children’s Special Health Care Services, and Family Planning Services to pay your hospital bill.

Financial Estimates

You may request a written estimate of your financial responsibility for hospital services. Requests for estimates must be made during business hours. The estimate will provide you with an estimate of the amount the hospital will require the patient to pay for health care services, procedures, and supplies that are reasonably expected to be provided by the hospital.

Estimates are based on the average length of stay and services provided for the patient’s scheduled procedure or services. They are not promises to provide services at fixed costs. A patient’s financial responsibility may be more of less than the estimate based on the services the patient actually receives.

The hospital can provide estimates of the amount of hospital services only. There may be additional charges for services that will be provided by specialist physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, ambulance companies or other medical professionals who are not employees of the hospital. Patients will receive a separate bill for these services.

If you have any additional billing questions, or if you would like to pay a bill by telephone, please contact the Business Office at 810.376.7013.