Medical Records
Requesting Medical Records

Medical records include a patient’s medical history, lab, treatment reports and any other medical services provided by the hospital. Patients at Deckerville Community Hospital can obtain copies of their medical records by submitting a Medical Information Release Authorization form (PDF) to Deckerville Community Hospital Health Information Department.

You may receive your medical records by mail or your secure Microsoft® HealthVault™ account. If you request electronic records, you will receive a link via email with access to a secure delivery server.

To request your patient medical record:

  1. Download and complete a Medical Information Release Authorization form (PDF)
  2. Print and sign the completed form.
  3. Return the form to Deckerville Community Hospital - HIM Department.

Fax or email the form to us for the quickest and easiest way to obtain copies of your records. However, you may also request a copy of your records by sending a completed and signed printout of the medical information release authorization form to:

Deckerville Community Hospital
Health Information Department
3559 Pine St.
Deckerville, MI 48427
Fax: (810)376-9713

If the patient is a minor or unable to give consent, the signature of a parent, guardian or other legal representative is required.

Additional authorization may also be required for the release of specifically protected or privileged information. Certain information can take up to 30 days for processing. Contact the Health Information Department at 810-376-2835 ext. 215 with questions about specific requests.

Deckerville Community Hospital does not provide birth or death certificates. To request medical records of a deceased patient, the request must be accompanied by authorization from the executor of the estate.

Please note that your first printed copy of your records is free of charge, however, any additional copies will be charged in accordance to the State of Michigan Medical Records Access Fee.

Obtain Your Health Information Online

At Deckerville Community Hospital, we believe our patients deserve access to their medical records. In an effort to increase patient control, Deckerville Community Hospital now offers Microsoft® HealthVault™ to better meet the healthcare needs of the residents in our service area. With your healthcare records organized and available to you online, you can easily access your health information from anywhere at any time. Once you have signed our Patient Portal agreement

  1. Download and complete the Patient Portal Agreement (PDF)
  2. Sign and return the completed form to the Deckerville Community Hospital - HIM Department. Please see the contact information listed above.

As a patient you can securely access much of your health information 24/7 using Microsoft® HealthVault™ online. Create your secure account at to take charge of your health and make more informed health decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Microsoft® HealthVault™ is a trusted online health information resource that connects you to tools designed to help you stay organized, prepared and ready for emergencies. Microsoft® HealthVault’s™ easy accessibility allows you to share important health information with the people that you choose, such as; physicians, family members, friends or pharmacies.

If you would like assistance creating your Microsoft® Healthvault™ account please contact the Deckerville Community Hospital - HIM Department for an appointment, (810)376-2835 ext. 215.

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