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Taking pride in providing the very best health care.

About Us

Serving the Community

Deckerville Community Hospital has been serving the community for over 70 years and has been a certified Critical Access Hospital for  22 years. We offer a wide range of patient services, including laboratory, inpatient services, medical imaging, and more.

Deckerville Community Hospital (DCH) was established in 1952 to serve a small yet growing rural population in an area called the Thumb of Michigan. The original hospital was built and operated by E.W. Blanchard and his wife Lillian, a registered nurse and nurse anesthetist, along with the first Administrator Mary Powers, a registered nurse, until Dr. Blanchard’s death in 1961 at which time the community purchased the hospital and established it as a not-for-profit community hospital. Port Huron is just south of the service area.

In 1988, the hospital entered into a management agreement under Mercy Hospital Port Huron that remained in place until January 2003 when it became fully independent once again. In January 1997, Deckerville Community purchased a private practice in Deckerville and took over a clinic in Minden City, Michigan. In August of 2006, the hospital established a weekend walk-in clinic in the center of Lexington, Michigan. The organization of professional services, including primary and emergency care provided by the hospital in various locations, constitutes Deckerville Healthcare Services (DHS).

In August 2000, the hospital became approved as a Medicare Critical Access Hospital. Located seven miles west of Lake Huron and surrounded by high-yielding farms, the area provides quality lifestyles for the residents of the many small communities. 

About Us

United Healthcare Partners

The fall of 2018 marked the official commencement of the affiliation between Marlette Regional Hospital and Deckerville Community Hospital. The affiliation has a parent corporation called United Healthcare Partners. Recently, the affiliation expanded by opening The Heartlands, Marlette Senior Living. Deckerville Community Hospital, Marlette Regional Hospital and The Heartlands are subsidiary corporations under United Healthcare Partners. Each organization retains its autonomy in regard to finances, medical staff, and employment-related issues. As affiliates, we share a common Board of Trustees comprised of board members with equal representation from both hospitals and service areas.

The affiliation accomplishes three primary objectives to maintain control over how health care is delivered in our communities:

  • Decreasing costs by reducing duplicated services and
    by leveraging market presence to gain better pricing.
  • Maintaining and expanding health care services.
  • Preserving local control of health care delivery.

About Us

Affiliations & Partnerships

The DCDC is a group of business owners and concerned citizens working together to promote, build and enhance the community of Deckerville to attract more businesses, tourists and consumers to our town. As a member of this group, Deckerville Community Hospital helps support Deckerville businesses and cooperates with these companies to help create a positive community perception.

The collaborative group addresses issues that impact the lives of children, families and other special populations in Sanilac County. Members are made up of health, social service, education, and community-based organizations. As an active participant in the SCCC, Deckerville Community Hospital supports the group’s mission to "provide leadership, coordinate policy, leverage resources, build assets, and foster partnerships that will promote healthy growth, learning and development" for all community residents.

Established in 1994 to build local philanthropy, the Sanilac County Community Foundation holds a collection of endowed funds, contributed by many individuals, corporations, private foundations and government agencies to benefit the Sanilac County area. Deckerville is one of the original members that established a fund to reach Kellog Foundation matching goals bringing thousands of dollars to the county. In addition, there has been a sitting representative on the Foundation Board since 1998.

Sanilac Medical Control was established to coordinate emergency services across the county improving care and increasing life saving support to area ambulance services and first responders. The Authority now meets the requirements of the State of Michigan in regulating such programs and has expanded to providing ongoing EMT and paramedic service education through a proprietary school, Sanilac Medical Services. Deckerville is one of three hospitals that are charter members of the established 501c3 organization, Sanilac Medical Control Authority.