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Deckerville Community Hospital an affiliate of United Healthcare Partners

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The relationship you have with your doctor is important. At Deckerville Community Hospital our professionals work tirelessly to keep patient care our top priority. Our commitment is to you, and we will continue to offer and expand the quality services you need close to home.

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Why Choose Deckerville Community Hospital?

Located right in your neighborhood, Deckerville Community Hospital and Deckerville Healthcare Services offer you convenient access to world-class care for your entire family.

When you visit DCH you’ll gain access to advanced technology, treatments, and types of healthcare services close to home. You can feel confident that you’re being treated by our professionals, who deliver compassionate, comprehensive, and individualized care.

Deckerville Community Hospital

Therapy Services Available at Deckerville Community Hospital

It is our goal is to create a healthy, positive and fun atmosphere where each individual patient will have the very best therapy experience possible.

Whether you are a construction worker with an injured back, a senior citizen with balance difficulties, an athlete in training, a person who has suffered a stroke, a child with a disability, a pregnant woman…you may benefit from physical therapy!